Today we’re doing resume reviews so that we can learn to make better resumes together. To catch the attention of the reader get into an interview it’s important to make a structured and deliberately designed resume that shows immediately that we are special and valuable to the company. Because people judge and decide in seconds – first impressions and the clarity of information in your resume are very important.

And we have 2 resumes today submitted by two kind anonymous users. Thank you so much.

I’ve fiddled a bit with the audio today, so I hope it will be much better.

Let’s begin the reviews.

This is a bit all over the place.
We have to structure it so the information is not spread out so much.
Also we have to trim it down to 1 page. Because people throw out walls of texts and they won’t read all this.

How do we get a company to be interested in us? We provide targeted information which they read clearly in our resume and we make an impression that makes us more valuable and relevant to them than other candidates in comparison.
So we have to make them actually read our best points and they won’t find them with this much text.

You have a lot of good things here, so we must kill our darlings and remove the least useful information and maximize the visibility of the most useful information.

We want the employer to see first what we can do. To tell them what we can do for them, how we can help their goals, make them desire us.

The priority of information is like this:
– Skills
– Experience
– Education

Profile, replace this with a LinkedIn profile where you write a bit more of yourself. You can write a tiny bit about yourself but this isn’t the point of the resume, save it for your personal letter. The resume is a summary of your skills and accomplishments, not an about me page.

We clean up the Skills first.
Make it like bullet points, put it just below your personal info. Bullets are much easier to read than a list of words.

Honors are nice, but it probably won’t fit 1 page. We have more important things. Put it on your LinkedIn instead.

Relevant Experience. The Experience here is always relevant, otherwise you wouldn’t have written it, right? Remove this word.

I would remove dates, because ageism is real, discrimination against age, both for juniors and seniors is real. Dates lets others figure out your age and time of experience. There’s really no upside for you to include it. Actual time worked isn’t as valuable as what you have actually accomplished. You can work for 10 years doing the same thing and have learned very little. So remove dates.

Remove all the skills here, we have them at the top already.

Write what you accomplished in a text format and not bullet points, and make it less technical. It will be an HR person reading this, they are not into technicalities but rather the actual results that you accomplished, not the exact tools you used. You can put the tools on skills instead.
“Gathered functional specifications from the client” and then what? What did this accomplish? Were they satisfied? Did you save them some money? Did you have a key role in this? How will does this benefit the future employer?

You are very focused on tools here. We want the person reading to desire our skills and the outcome of the application of our skills. Not the exact implementation. The tools we use are not so important as the actual outcome. A tool is a tool and other tools can be used for the same result. The reader wants our skill, our ability to produce a specific outcome, not necessarily our tool.

In programming we can use many different languages to accomplish the same thing, for example. Now, of course if someone is looking for C# you should write C# in your resume, so these tools does matter. But it shouldn’t be the focus.

Put education in the bottom, remove dates.

Put projects on GitHub and link them, write useful descriptions in GitHub and exclude all this text.
I will make a video about github projects at some point but just focus on making it neat, look at popular projects to see how to structure the readme.

All the rest here, very nice, but it won’t fit 1 page. Put all this on your LinkedIn instead for those that are interested.

And as a sidenote, when you have as much merit as this guy you should consider to make customized resume for each employer you send to. It’s a bit more work but it’s worth it. You want focused, targeted information to each companies interest.

Thank you for sending this resume.
You have a lot of good things here and you will do really well provided the reader is able to find the information they need to understand that you are skilled.


The style is very nice, with font, dividers and colors.

Link your github here at the top. Consider removing your phone number, if you send this to recruiters they can abuse it and you’ll have a bad time. It depends on who you send it to.

It’s not clear what type of job you’re qualified for. Are you a programmer? Data scientist? This helps the person reading to understand who you are without reading through everything.

This education should be at the bottom.
The word relevant is irrelevant, this information is here for a reason, so it’s always relevant. This is redundant.

Take all your skills here and put them in a Skills section at the top.
Sadly few are interested in your GPA, they are interested in what you can do in practice.

Change Employment to Experience.
Remove dates here. You’re a junior, there’s absolutely no reason anyone should know that. It can only give your employer leverage to give you a lower salary. Your time worked doesn’t matter, it’s what you learned and accomplished that matters.

You have a lot of technical details here that no HR person will really understand and you’re not explaining for what reason you did things and what the result was.

“Extracted data from a 620-million dataset”. Here you can talk about how you used big data and database queries to, I don’t know, calculate aggregated finances over decades and increase visibility and insight into earning patterns, identifying potential cost reduction actions – that’s just an example. You did something, this is why, this is why it’s good.

Expose your value, your potential benefit to another company.

“Saved company hundreds of dollars by replacing commissioned company” You had a good start here, how did you do it and why? Did you have a key role? Was it your initiative?

Put your code on GitHub and link to them here. Everyone reads this on a computer, don’t worry, they can click it.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.. here you have something unique and very interesting, you should consider expanding it into your projects text and talk more about it, link to some more information, this is really unique and makes you stand out and that potential is hidden down here wasting away.

Otherwise I really like this, you have a lot of good skills and if you expose your skills correctly I think you’ll have no problems getting a job. But currently the value you bring is not easy to find. I can understand your value with my experience as a programmer as I can read between the lines, but an HR person will probably not.

Thank you for sending this resume.


If any of you listening want a resume review too, you can email me, details are in the description. However I can’t promise I’ll have time for everyone but I’ll try.

Making videos is still difficult and a bit exhausting for me. I’m an introvert and speaking takes a lot of effort as I’m not super used to it and I’m not so comfortable yet in front of the camera. But I’ll do my best and I’m so thankful to all of you coming to listen to me, even if my quality isn’t top notch.

I really want to help you guys because I remember being a junior and feeling very confused and anxious about how about resumes and dealing with getting a job. I had trouble sleeping and had bad thoughts when I had difficulties landing a job. and if I could remove that nightmare for others with my knowledge then its the right thing to do despite my discomfort in front of the camera.


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