” Tell me about yourself “
If you focus on just being interested in the other person your talk will naturally flow between each other asking questions about each other and answering, you know, like a normal person does in a real conversation.
If you get this question you’re off to a bad start already, having some tension in the room. It preferably shouldn’t happen. I’ve never got this question and I’ve never asked it.

SHE. Do you need an acronym formula for talking with people? Are you going to sit there and remember 3 letter formulas for every type of interaction? Succinct, Honest, Engaging. No.

Why not talk for a long time? If it’s interesting to talk about something and you’re both having a good time, talk about what you have found fun to do, if it’s your passion. People that talk about what they love is the most interesting thing in the world. They can have the most mundane interest but seeing someone talk about what they care about is fascinating because you feel like you learn something, and it’s nice to see someone loving what they do. If you’ve talked to someone you will know this. I wonder if she has ever really talked with someone?


Evidence? The only evidence is what you do in practice, and the only evidence you can bring to an interview is the ability to talk, this will prove nothing. This is if we talk about a general interview or course, technical interviews is another thing.
But in general interviews charismatic people can end up in jobs that they are unfit for. Because they convinced the interviewer that they had skills that they did not really possess. So there is no evidence. There are only words.

“Skills that you possess”. What she’s really saying here is, don’t be an idiot and waste my time with lying. Yea, don’t do that guys. It will come back and cause trouble later.


Haha. Don’t be afraid to weave in some personality. Don’t be afraid to be a person. Just be human. Great advice, my dude. The fact that she feels like she has to mention this shows that she has some weird ideas about human interaction.

Just remember my dudes, don’t tell them that you’re looking for a job because you want money. Because that would be absurd.

Closing comments

This video was quite silly. It feels like it’s teaching you to manipulate the other person. If you are interested in the other person, if you are understanding and kind you will go a long way. Even if you are nervous.
Even if you don’t have much experience talking with others. These HR interviews is about screening you so that you’re not a crazy person. That’s all it is. You don’t need a script.

You can’t make a robotic script like this and expect it to apply to everyone. That is dehumanising. You will talk with another person in an interview and they are an individual, not a process to be optimized through cookie cutter acronyms and reminders how to act like a human.

The person you talk to is another human. They are like you. They deserve your attention and respect and even if they possess the power to give you a job or not, they deserve to be seen as an individual, not an annoying obstacle to be overcome.


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