Yes, Senior Software Engineers do use Google – but with diminishing results.

The feeling of closing 40 tabs. Do you feel incompetent or disappointed in yourself because you Google solutions for programming problems that you feel you should know? Don’t be. The most experienced programmers also use Google. So I came across this post from Scott Hanselman from a few years ago. It’s regarding if senior developers […]

Open offices are terrible for programmer productivity.

Cargo culture in action. We have regressed. History repeats itself. In the 60’s the cubicle was invented because the open office simply didn’t work. They have been proven again, again and again to be overall detrimental to worker productivity, comfort and health. The reason for it’s inception is ignorance of what actually makes an effective […]

You don’t have to code at home.

We see a culture in some corporations that expect you to code and learn things on your free time. To have or contribute to GitHub projects, to have knowledge of many programming languages even if they’re not on your resume, to spend your free time watching lectures, blogging, talking, traveling to see gurus. Essentially they […]

Top 4 JavaScript skills important for Junior Developers to Get a Job

The JavaScript space is very competitive currently and it’s important to have a clear and effective strategy of learning if we want to land a job and continue to be successful. To maximize our appeal to employers it’s about researching and understanding what they want, which is hopefully what we also want, but it is […]

Scared to be creative? How to handle online trolls!

I want to talk about the current climate for content creators online and how you, as a content creator, can survive mentally. How you can avoid feeling bad when people critique you, how you can feel more confident about what you make and know that whatever you do it is valuable. Whether you post videos, […]

Linkedin – “How to not do an interview” | Actual Interview Tips

Transcript ” Tell me about yourself “If you focus on just being interested in the other person your talk will naturally flow between each other asking questions about each other and answering, you know, like a normal person does in a real conversation.If you get this question you’re off to a bad start already, having […]

Top C# Skills To Get A Job – 4 Tips for Developers

As a .NET junior programmer you might think that you don’t know enough C# to land an interview, and I did too in the beginning. But you just need some basic coding skills, and your personality and your interest in the company or technology is an equal factor for success. It can be overwhelming and […]